Seek Out Cool Art Murals Around Bend, Oregon

Discover an outdoor art exhibit year-round in Bend’s Old Mill District. Walk through our shopping, restaurant and entertainment district to seek out our art murals.

From edgy graffiti-style street art to bright wild nature inspired murals, the Old Mill District has a number of art murals created by notable artists. Look for new art installations, murals and happenings here.

Dragon Art Mural in Bend, Oregon By Yuya Negishi

Murals By Yuya Negishi

Japanese Art Meets Hip-Hop

Yuya Negishi’s work can be seen in several spots around Bend, Oregon at the Old Mill District. His newest graffiti-style art mural, a Dragon, can we viewed from the Deschutes River trail walking path just behind The Gap — or check it out when you paddle or float by!

The stairs, located behind the Old Mill District’s Regal Cinemas movie theater, also shines bright with his artistry. These were painted in 2015 by Yuya.

Yuya was introduced to Bend, Oregon when he was traveling and painting with Erin Sayer who painted the owl on the front and the crow (pictured above) on the back of the Les Schwab Amphitheater stage.

Yuya Negishi is a Japanese visual artist based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. His work combines his extensive background in the classical Japanese techniques of calligraphy and SUMI with Japanese pop culture images such as koi, dragons and Buddha’s. Yuya approaches his work in the spirit of play often exploring new ideas and mediums. He also teaches hands on workshops sharing his approaches to SUMI and Calligraphy.

Yuya was born in a small farming community in the mountains beyond Tokyo. Yuya draws artistic inspiration from the memories and sensations of growing up in the Japanese countryside, where he would roam “like a hidden Ninja” exploring the woods, temples and mountain tops of the breathtaking Gunma region.

Tunnel Murals

Spring Birds and Flowers

A colorful mural that showcases spring flowers and birds found around the area. Sandy Klein has created interpretive panels for the US Fish & Wildlife and recently finished an educational mural linking the Old Mill District to the Bend Whitewater Park, Miller’s Landing Park and downtown Bend.

The numerous birds are labeled and include a Red Winged Blackbird, a Townsend’s Warbler, a Mountain Bluebird, a Rufous Hummingbird, Osprey, Tree Swallow and a Kingfisher.

The Colorado Avenue tunnel road crossing trail is a part of the larger Deschutes River Trail project.