Seek Out Cool Art Murals Around Bend, Oregon

Discover an outdoor art exhibit year-round in Bend’s Old Mill District. Walk through our shopping, restaurant and entertainment district to seek out our art murals, sculptures and works of art. Have fun finding the art while exploring the Old Mill District.

From edgy graffiti-style street art to bright wild nature inspired murals, the Old Mill District has a number of art murals created by notable artists. Look for new art installations, murals and happenings here.

Greetings From Bend, 2022, Katie Daisy and Karen Eland

Located in Center Plaza on the GAP wall.

Part of the Central Oregon Mural Trail, this piece of art showcases the Cascade Range mountains from Bend’s perspective. Stunning wildflowers, butterflies and grassy plains show all the opportunity for exploration there is in town—and just outside of town.

The Colocasia Esculenta, 2020, Danny Fry

 Located near Cyclebar and Red Robin.

The Colocasia Esculenta in the mural, or Elephant ear plants, are tropical plants that are found in Hawaii, where Danny grew up. There the plant is known as Taro, and is one of the main staples of Hawaiian food culture. He believes this plant also grows here on the coast in Oregon. Part of the inspiration for this mural was the connection of people from Hawaii here in Bend, and in Oregon. The vibrant colors of the leaves represent the mix of people coming here to Bend, and the many plants represent growth and positivity.

You Stole My Name, 2018, Dennis McGregor

Located in the breezeway between Cafe Yumm and Mio Sushi.

Three whimsical murals by Dennis McGregor straight out of his book, "You Stole My Name", a delightful collection animal illustrations with unlikely shared names.

Dragon, 2018, Yuya Negishi

Mural behind Gap, along the Deschutes River.

One of the Old Mill District's most well-known murals. This colorful piece is viewable from across the river, the foot bridge or as floaters pass by. Read more about Yuya Negishi and his mural artwork here.

Staircase mural, 2015,Yuya Negishi

Flower mural located on the stairs behind Ben & Jerry's.

Tin Pan Alley Art Collection, 2018

Located in various locations around the Old Mill District, there are four unique pieces in the Tin Pan Alley Art Collection. In 2018 the Old Mill District teamed with Visit Bend to create our own "Tin Pan Alley Art Collection" similar to the popular public art in Downtown Bend's Tin Pan Alley.

1. You Have No Idea How Much You Mean To People, 2018, Lisa and Lori Lubbesmeyer

Located on the staircase by Victoria Secret and Faceout

This piece by Lisa and Lori Lubbesmeyer – their studio is in the Old Mill District above Sisters Coffee Co.  – was created with acrylic paint, graphite, compressed charcoal, lino block print and metallic media.

2. Untitled, 2017, Base Camp Studio

Located on stairs by LUSH

Crafted by community members during a First Friday event in downtown Bend last June, this untitled painting organized by Base Camp Studio incorporates various circle paintings.

3. The Pack, 2018, Megan Marie Myers

Located on the south side of Banana Republic

This painting by Megan Marie Myers is an offering of gratitude to the first exquisite dusting of snow and an acknowledgement of the elegance in our relationship with nature in her signature style.

4. Riparin, 2018, Sarah Helen More

Located on the wall of Gap

Inspired by the vibrant hues of Bend’s sunsets and the meandering calm of the Deschutes River in the Old Mill District, Sarah Helen More created a work of art that embodies the natural and manmade synergy between one of the city’s most dynamic riparian areas.

Bend Brewfest paintings, 2015

Bend Brewfest paintings located on the second floor behind Sweet Tooth Candy Shoppe.

Explore the Old Mill District and discover these four hidden Brewfest paintings. These fun works of art were painted live at the 2014 Bend Brewfest.

Crow, 2013, Erin Sawyer.

Formally on the back of Les Schwab Amphitheater. The Crow has been removed and placed into storage for the remainder of the LSA construction. It will be displayed again (although in various pieces) when the amphitheater construction has been completed in a few years.

A crowd favorite and iconic piece for the Les Schwab Amphitheater. This colorful piece, with a larger than life crow and details including hops (a tribute to Bend's brewing culture) greeted trail runners, concert goers, and river floaters for over half a decade.

South Tunnel Murals, 2012, collaboration

Located under the Columbia Street bridge.

The two tunnels underneath the Columbia Street Bridge in the Old Mill District are now graced with striking murals thanks to the efforts of an innovative collaboration between Arts Central, a team of Nike designers from Portland and the Old Mill District.

The mural images in both tunnels reflect the rich and thriving riparian areas along the Deschutes River in the Old Mill District. Local artist Paul Allen Bennett, an arts instructor at Arts Central and whose work is at Tumalo Art Co., created the mural design and oversaw the execution of the painting with the kids and designers.

To complete the painting, more than twenty Nike designers and staff worked shoulder to shoulder with Arts Central’s Art Academy students and kids from the Boys and Girls Clubs.

Untitled, 2022, Vivi Design Co.

Mural located at Sisters Coffee Co.

Vivi Design Co. hand-painted mural displayed in the heart of the Old Mill District.

A colorful painting inspired by the wildlife and beauty of Central Oregon and this place we call home.

Spring Bird and Flowers

Located under the Colorado Ave. bridge.

A colorful mural that showcases spring flowers and birds found around the area. Sandy Klein has created interpretive panels for the US Fish & Wildlife and recently finished an educational mural linking the Old Mill District to the Bend Whitewater Park, Miller's Landing Park and downtown Bend.

The numerous birds are labeled and include a Red Winged Blackbird, a Townsend's Warbler, a Mountain Bluebird, a Rufous Hummingbird, Osprey, Tree Swallow and a Kingfisher.

The Colorado Avenue tunnel road crossing trail is a part of the larger Deschutes River Trail project.

No Caulks Allowed, 2001, Roger Fox

Sculpture located in Center Plaza.

Public art has been part of the Old Mill District’s DNA since the first shops and restaurants opened in 2001. That same year, sculpture Roger Fox installed “No Caulks Allowed,” a 30-foot high piece created out of salvaged parts from an old Brooks-Scanlon bandsaw, in the heart of the Old Mill District.

Center Plaza. View of the flag bridge and "No Caulks" sculpture.

Murals By Yuya Negishi

Japanese Art Meets Hip-Hop

Yuya Negishi's work can be seen in several spots around Bend, Oregon at the Old Mill District. His newest graffiti-style art mural, a Dragon, can we viewed from the Deschutes River trail walking path just behind The Gap -- or check it out when you paddle or float by!

The stairs, located behind the Old Mill District's Regal Cinemas movie theater, also shines bright with his artistry. These were painted in 2015 by Yuya.

Yuya was introduced to Bend, Oregon when he was traveling and painting with Erin Sayer who painted the owl on the front and the crow (pictured above) on the back of the Les Schwab Amphitheater stage.

Yuya Negishi is a Japanese visual artist based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. His work combines his extensive background in the classical Japanese techniques of calligraphy and SUMI with Japanese pop culture images such as koi, dragons and Buddha’s. Yuya approaches his work in the spirit of play often exploring new ideas and mediums. He also teaches hands on workshops sharing his approaches to SUMI and Calligraphy.

Yuya was born in a small farming community in the mountains beyond Tokyo. Yuya draws artistic inspiration from the memories and sensations of growing up in the Japanese countryside, where he would roam “like a hidden Ninja” exploring the woods, temples and mountain tops of the breathtaking Gunma region.

Holiday Cheer

Meet Some of Our Artists

Since 2017, a different local artist is selected to create exclusive holiday artwork for the District.

From holiday cards, ornaments, banners, to the Old Mill District website, the holiday art is proudly displayed around the district. Look for future holiday art here.

2020 - Kathy Deggendorfer

The 2020 artist, Kathy Deggendorfer lives on a ranch just outside Sisters, Oregon. Inspired by the color and texture of her surroundings, her vibrant and colorful watercolor paintings are whimsical representations of life. Her 2020 holiday artwork offers a unique perspective of the Old Mill District - facing east. The iconic Pilot Butte, smokestacks and "No Caulks Allowed" sculpture are included for the first time.

2019 - Shelli Walters

A lifelong Oregonian, Shelli Walters attended design school and built a 25+ year agency design center. A paintbrush always ready and waiting she kept exploring art in her spare time. Walters left the security of an agency job in 2018 to pursue her art full time. "I finally did it," she says, "and it has been one of the most rewarding decisions I've ever made."

Shelli is moved and inspired by Oregon's vast and diverse landscape, and magical wildlife. Shelli's mixed media paintings are colorful, highly textural and delightfully layered. Walters is a part of Tumalo Art Co.

2018 - Susan Luckey Higdon

Susan Luckey Higdon is known for her landscapes of iconic Central Oregon scenes, especially water, fish and birds in their natural habitat. Her paintings are in corporate and private art collections across the country. Susan is a founding member of Tumalo Art Company, a collective gallery in Bend's Old Mill District.

2017 - Lori and Lisa Lubbesmeyer

This piece, created by twin fiber artists Lori and Lisa Lubbesmeyer, depicts the Old Mill District in a vibrant winter landscape.

The original artwork was developed through the Lubbesmeyer’s collaborative process, where a “fiber painting” is passed back and forth between the two with additional fabrics and overstitching designs built upon each layer.