Old Mill District artists, Lisa and Lori Lubbesmeyer, give thanks to the stewards of our Central Oregon landscape.

Now through December 25th, Lubbesmeyer Art Studio & Gallery celebrate their Season of Thanks. For every purchase of original art, ceramic tiles, or holiday ornaments they will provide a contribution to their two favorite natural resource nonprofits in Central Oregon: The Deschutes Land Trust and The Upper Deschutes Watershed Council.

No matter what age, or where they’ve lived, snowflakes falling from the sky have always brought the same excitement to the Lubbesmeyer twins, and their enthusiasm has only increased the older they get. Fun little traditions resume, like betting on what date we will have our first measurable snowfall in town. “While the winning twin is treated to her favorite coffee drink, it’s a celebration for both,” says Lisa Lubbesmeyer. “Because we then settle into watching the snowflakes fall past our studio windows. It’s as if we’re children again and we’ve just been told school is canceled for the day.” 

In addition to the joy of watching the flakes drift around outside, the pleasure has matured into a deeper appreciation for all that our natural surroundings provide us here in Central Oregon. “Besides the sense of calm, and a chance to re-center ourselves,” adds Lori Lubbesmeyer, “we relish in the gift of endless displays of textures, scents, colors, sounds, and activities. It’s not lost on us how we’ve become the artists we are today because of nature. We owe it so much!”

Lubbesmeyer Art Studio & Galler 2023 Ornament titled Snowfall

This appreciation for our natural landscape was the catalyst for their exciting new tradition. Each year the Lubbesmeyers will introduce a new ornament depicting one of their favorite fiber art ‘paintings’. When you choose to collect, or give them as gifts, a portion of each sale will be given to organizations dedicated to preserving and protecting the water and green spaces of Central Oregon, while offering educational opportunities and stewardship for future generations.

We hope you’ll join us in celebrating and supporting the gifts our natural environment provides, by giving the gift of art!