Have you noticed the colorful flags along the Old Mill District’s footbridge and Hot Pond?

We have 54 flags flying in these two spots throughout the year. Some of the color combinations specifically recognize a holiday, a sports team, a local non-profit, and community initiatives and events. Sometimes they pay homage to the gorgeous orange and pink hues that make up our spectacular Central Oregon sunsets.

And every once in a while we let the public choose the flag colors in online social media contests. (Be sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook for your chance to vote on upcoming color schemes.)

The Old Mill District also flies 312 banners throughout our property. The first two banners you encounter heading into the district are always specific to the Old Mill District and mark the boundaries of the property. There are 14 zones comprised of 7 to 10 street poles which each hold two banners. Every 6 to 8 weeks the banners rotate to highlight the seasons and local events. We’re extremely proud of the lift the banners give to various local non-profits and how they’ve come to reflect Bend’s community spirit while showcasing our ebeautiful seasons.

We hope you enjoy the vibrancy the flags and banners bring our area as much as we do!