Breaking It Down

For the past nine years, World MUSE has brought together local change-makers with internationally recognized artists, authors, athletes, entrepreneurs, activists, and social change leaders, inspiring individuals to create positive social change from within. While this year’s event won’t be in the same format as past World MUSE events, the virtual stage is a welcome opportunity to make this programming accessible to a much wider audience.

MUSE UnConference, March 4-7, will be a virtual time and space to listen and be heard, learn and unlearn, practice and take action. Featuring performances, interviews, film screenings, panel discussions, audience Q&A’s, daily healing practices, a youth summit and a closing workshop. So mark your calendars and save your space, MUSE UnConference 2021 will be the “unconference” you won’t want to miss.


The theme this year is Breaking It Down, which will provide a variety of opportunities to break things down, including daily practice sessions to break down resistance through movement, meditation, breath, and prayer.

MUSE UnConference is working to breakdown hierarchical aspects of a conventional conference by creating opportunities for practice and conversation, offering an equity-informed fee structure, and working with Community Partners to provide content that is more representative of our whole community. The hope is to gather participants, rather than attendees, in a virtual space dedicated to breaking down barriers to healing, justice, and change.

Local speakers include Morgan Schmidt, Bend’s own unsung hero who created the Pandemic Partners group at the beginning of the pandemic to connect those offering or requesting help. Healing Justice Collective’s co-founder Jessica Amascual, newly appointed Bend City Council members, Rita Schenkelberg and Megan Perkins, and resident healer and author, Pixie Lighthorse to name a few. You won’t want to miss special guest Sonya Renee Taylor, award winning  poet, author, activist and leader, who’s book “The Body is Not an Apology Workbook: Tools for Living Radical Self-Love” is set to be released next month. Those familiar with Sonya’s previous book, “The Body is Not an Apology: The Power of Radical Self-Love”, will be clamoring to get their hands on this workbook.

To learn more and to save your space visit:

MUSE Unconference aims to break down any barriers to attendance. Payments are structured on an equity scale to reflect varied social locations and financial abilities. Your one payment covers all sessions, all days.