Budd + Finn to open in former Ticket Mill space next to Lush and Tumalo Art Co. in Bend, Oregon.

Kevin Pilla cut his teeth in the retail industry working on the East Coast for giants like Macy’s, Bloomingdale’s and Tommy Bahama. But he’s honed his style in the Pacific Northwest running a boutique shop with a focus on curating diverse, quality products made by good people. 

The result? A decade of success in Portland with his store Budd + Finn and a new venture with the same name here in Bend. Pilla’s hugely popular Budd + Finn brand will open a second location in Bend’s Old Mill District in the coming weeks, replacing the Ticket Mill near REI. The Ticket Mill, which sells Old Mill District gift cards and Hayden Homes Amphitheater concert tickets, was absorbed into the district’s second-floor management office above Victoria’s Secret earlier this month. 

“It’s a perfect fit,” Pilla said of the Old Mill District and Bend. “It’s the demographic I appeal to and something I had been wanting to do. Every small business owner’s dream is to expand. It’s nice other people recognize what you’ve been striving to create.” 

At Budd + Finn you’ll find what Pilla calls “classy souvenirs” including T-shirts and glassware, artwork and throw pillows, coffee mugs, stationery and unique Bend-centric gifts. “I’m a very nostalgic person so really I look for things that tap into nostalgia – whether it’s taking road trips with your family as a kid or taking road trips now with your own kids, my style has that vintage vibe,” he said. Worthy of mention, Budd + Finn is named after Pilla’s two rescue dogs.  “Because to me, they represent comfort, everyday living and joy, not too fussy and full of life,” Pilla said, adding that his companions are no longer with us, but will live on in name. “That’s what I want in the store.” 

“We’ve been impressed with Kevin’s store in Portland for years and had always hoped to have something in a similar vein,” said Beau Eastes, the Old Mill District’s marketing director. “We’re beyond delighted that he’s bringing Budd + Finn and the shop’s concept of unique and artfully designed gifts and souvenirs to the Old Mill District.” Pilla said he plans to be at the store constantly during the first few months after it opens in November. “I want to meet the customers and the community and hear what they have to say and get feedback,” he said. “I’m the buyer, but the customers influence you. I love hearing comments because it’s like fuel for my soul.” 

Budd + Finn luxury souvenir store front image capture.