Vanilla Urban Threads’ owner riffs on spring fashion, men’s style and Women’s March.

As we launch into spring here in the Old Mill District, we picked the mind of one of our most creative and innovative retailers, April Lawyer of Vanilla Urban Threads. Contributing writer KM Collins chatted with Lawyer about upcoming style trends, carrying men’s brands, and what Women’s March means to her.

Q: What styles or brands are going to be hot this spring? For example, I saw a couple of one-pieces in your shop, you had on a denim one when I met you. Other trends?

A: One-pieces are definitely a huge trend for spring and Fall this year!  We are seeing both dressy and casual jumpsuits. It’s perfectly acceptable to opt for a one-piece as opposed to a dress for a wedding. They are so much fun. Another huge trend is animal print. It’s making a big comeback. We are seeing cheetah, leopard, zebra, and snake prints everywhere. Shoes, denim, tops, sweaters, you name it.

One more staple trend this spring is 70’s Inspired crochet. Modern and elevated with a touch of boho ( tops, dresses, shoes, swimwear pieces)


Q: What’s it like carrying men’s brands at Vanilla Urban Threads? Is it hard to buy for men? Are there some men in your life you lean on to help? Want to name anyone?

A: We have carried men’s clothing since we opened in 2005. I really want to cater to a wide range of people and men were no exclusion. We love our men’s customers and it makes our day when they choose to shop with us. It definitely is a bit tougher to buy for the men, mostly because I’m not a man so it’s more difficult making those decisions.  But I try to stay true to who ‘our mens’ customer is and often lean on our sales reps, or my husband for advice and help at times.


Q: What does celebrating women in March mean to you? All over the local media, Bend Magazine, The Source, in local events, this month women are being celebrated- what does that mean to you as a Bendite and a business owner?

A: It means a great deal to me that women are being celebrated and especially in this community. Our roles have changed so much over the years, and I’m so proud to be part of that. There are so many amazing businesses here in Bend, and many of them are ran by badass mamas. They are working hard to support their families, raising beautiful little humans, and running great businesses. It’s inspiring to see that, as well as be a part of it. I love vanilla and what I do, but my family is certainly my everything. Without their support and love, I wouldn’t be able to do what I do.