Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

The global pandemic rocked the world in 2020. The effects of Covid-19 have been widespread with both positive and negative impacts on the environment including improved air quality in some parts of the world due to the travel restrictions/lockdowns throughout the world. But part of the negative effects include the increased use of masks and PPE  that has created a huge increase in the waste we generate. With Earth Day just a few days away, we contemplate ways we can make this place a better place for everyone. Here’s a little glimpse of a few local Old Mill District businesses doing their part plus a few easy tips that each one of us can do to help protect this planet.

Local Old Mill District Businesses Doing Their Part:

Salon Estilo is Certified Sustainable through Greencircle Salons. This means they carry products with the same desire to make beauty green. They also collect and recycle aluminum foils that are used for highlights, empty color containers and aerosol cans that would otherwise end up in the landfill. They also collect hair trimmings to use for chemical spill cleanups and excess hair color that can be used for clean energy.

Strictly Organic Coffee Co. loves our planet and we love them for what they continue to do as a small business. In addition to utilizing compostable cups in their shops, they compost (coffee grounds and tea bags), recycles, and a little-known morsel of info is Strictly Organic customers can get by-products of their roasting process, like chaff and burlap bags, for free.

Ben &  Jerry’s is a favorite for cold tasty treats but in addition to making bomb ice cream they have some big goals for the coming years to make their business more sustainable. They continue to act to fight climate change and is doing their part to lessen their gas footprint of producing ice cream.

“Ben & Jerry’s has made some important developments in its efforts to reduce its carbon footprint, which is by far our most significant environmental impact.  Greenhouse gas (GHG) is any gas in the atmosphere which absorbs and re-emits heat, and thereby keeps the planet’s atmosphere warmer than it otherwise would be.  Our company’s very aggressive set of targets includes 100% Renewable energy for our company-owned facilities by 2025, 40% reduction in the intensity of GHG emissions for our supply chain by 2025, and 80% intensity reduction by 2050.”

5 Simple Tips for Doing Your Part: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

-Use your own mug for coffee and beverages to cut down on waste. Pro tip: Strictly Organic is selling Earth-day Silipints 2 for $22 all week long. Yea, you heard it, all week long!  When this pandemic is over, you’ll be able to resume bringing them in to be filled up but in the meantime you can enjoy them with your own delicious home beverages.

– Rinse and recycle those empty wine bottles purchased from Va Piano or Evoke Winery. Or use them for a fun craft project.

– BYOB. Bring Your Own Bag! Those reusable cloth bags can be used for retail, not just your groceries.  Next time you are purchasing that new pair of jeans or kicks, say no thanks to that paper or plastic bag.

– Ordering takeout from Café Yumm, Greg’s Grill or any of our other local eateries? Don’t forget to say “no thanks” to those plastic utensils if you are able to chow down using your own utensils. While you’re at it, skip those straws the next time you are sipping those delicious, refreshing cocktails on the patio of Anthony’s or Rapa Nui Tiki Lounge.

– Hop in an Uber or Lyft at the local Ride Share station (just across the flag bridge in the West parking lot). Cascades East Transit has a stop conveniently on Bond Street, that makes hopping a ride to the Old Mill District too easy.




If you are looking to participate in a local Bend Earth Day celebration, join the Environmental Center (and Strictly Organic, the presenting sponsor) for Earth Day events including artwork, scavenger hunt, a virtual parade, a film screening and discussion of Microplastic Madness. Activities will be virtual, self-paced, and hybrid.

Let’s do our part to protect this beautiful planet Earth!