Scenic bicycling, skiing and abundant natural beauty provide a backdrop for this thriving community. Are we describing Bend? Well, yes. This is also an apt description for Belluno, designated as our Italian sister city and celebrated with the installation of a commemorative plaque here in the Old Mill District.

As shared in the Bend, Oregon – Belluno, Italy – Sister Cities Facebook Group Page, the logo  reflects a collaborative effort between residents of the sister cities. Our gratitude goes out to co-designers John Helm and Luisa Melacini from Belluno and Neal Huston from Bend. Their design is incorporated into the commemorative plaque created by Bend artist Andy Wachs.

Bend, Oregon and Belluno, Italy Sister City Commemorative Plaque

A Rotary International exchange between young residents is ongoing among students of Belluno. The story made the local news here in Bend as well as in Italy.

Belluno, Italy and Bend, Oregon

Our sister city sure is bellissima!

We recommend a visit to the plaque, the Facebook page and to Belluno itself. Arrivederci!