As 2015 comes to completion we are reflecting on the tremendous generosity that abounds in Bend.


Giving back is a focal point of our community, one that enriches the lives of our neighbors and benefits us all. Businesses and charitable organizations that facilitate investments in our future have our deepest respect for all of the work that they do. Throughout the year we are honored to support their efforts through donations and alignment. And yet, the need is ever present to give a hand to those who need it most.


Volunteer Connect

Volunteer Connect provides a link to local opportunities to share time and talent.

This year we partnered with and donated to over 40 organizations who are successfully supporting community campaigns with far reaching impacts. These are the organizations who have sought out meaningful alignment with purpose at the fore and a clear understanding of how their efforts benefit defined audiences.



With an ongoing commitment to improving our shared standard of living, we encourage individuals to seek out volunteer opportunities that make a positive social impact. Volunteer Connect is a local organization that helps connect those with time and interest with compelling causes. There are also the many informal ways in which we feed the goodwill of our shared community.


To feel the full effects of the good that you do, we invite you to reflect on the many ways in which you have personally sought to improve the lives of those around you. Altruism is truly the stuff of everyday heroes. We thank you for every random (and intentional) act of kindness.

As many nonprofit organizations conduct their year-end giving campaigns, know that your time, money and support play an important role in shaping our community. Thank you for your participation in making good things happen!