The Old Mill District is home to Savory Spice Shop known for making all meals Spice ‘n Easy!

Years ago, at the urging of his mother, Matthew Perry (above) visited his first Savory Spice location in Newport Beach, California during the holiday season. “You will love this store!” she said. And she was right. From that day on, Perry and his family began purchasing an array of spices from Savory Spice online, shipping them directly to their home here in Bend, Oregon. Perry, a seventeen-year resident of Bend, decided eleven years ago that it was time that Bend was privy to the Savory Spice products. He opened a store of his own in the Old Mill District and said goodbye to his former career in the sheet metal fabrication industry.

Savory Spice Shop in the Old Mill District

Savory Spice Shop Old Mill District

Perry’s Savory Spice store is not only for chefs. Savory Spice products are for anyone wishing to elevate their cooking and their cooking skills. Savory Spices suit any category of cooking, any cuisine, and any flavor profile. At Savory Spice, Perry will answer your questions, make suggestions, and hone your cooking skills. Perry strives to pair locally sourced seasonal produce and meats with Savory Spices. At the end of a day in the Savory Spice Shop, Perry can’t help but be excited to head home and make food for his family. “We cook a lot. I’m not a chef, but my food tastes good!” Perry says. Savory Spice is your one stop shop to understand the art of combining spices for your meals. Spice ‘n Easy packages are meant to be a quick, easy, and effective way to elevate your dinners. The recipes attached to the packages hold pre-measured spices to make dishes delicious, delectable, and hassle free. Just walk in the store, and you will be inspired as an array of scents invite you to expand your cooking. This holiday season, take a trip to the Holiday Spice Shop. Just like Matthew Perry, you will love the store.