Art in the High Desert, one of the premiere art shows in the entire Pacific Northwest, is set to take place Aug. 25-27 on the west bank of the Deschutes River in the Old Mill District.

The brainchild of Central Oregon artists Dave and Carla Fox, Art in the High Desert will showcase approximately 115 artists at this year’s event. Nearly 700 artists submitted applications for this year’s show, Dave Fox says.

“It’s highly competitive,” says Dave Fox. He and Carla founded the show in 2008. “We want artists who are really pushing beyond what you’d see anywhere else.”

Despite being more than a three hours drive away from the closest major metro area, Art in the High Deseret has steadily become one of the most successful fine art shows in the country in terms of sales. Of 600 shows reviewed by the Art Fair SourceBook, Art in the High Desert ranked 10th in the entire U.S. for total sales.

“They key’s not to get just massive amounts of people to the show, but the right people,” Dave Fox says.

Of the 115 artists at this year’s show, more than 50 percent will be new to Art in the High Desert. They represent a variety of disciplines, including ceramics, digital art, drawing, fiber, glass, jewelry, metal, painting, photography, print making, sculpture, wearables, wood and 3D and 2D mixed media.

With more than 100 artists working in multiple different mediums, there’s art for every budget, Dave Fox says.

“Just about everyone can find something unique within their price point,” he adds.

Art in the High Desert also makes buying art for friends and family especially easy with Art Bucks. Good toward any piece of art at this year’s show, Art Bucks are as good as cash at the Art in the High Desert and make for a great gift to those who value art, but you’re not sure exactly what their tastes are.

More information about Art in the High Desert can be found at their website.