Speakers, Films, Creativity & Conversation for Designers, Changemakers and the Curious

Every October, Bend Design celebrates creative and design thinking by convening creative thinkers from a diverse range of practices and professions for talks, workshops, screenings, and problem-solving sessions. The conference will continue with its virtual program for 2021. Tune in for meaningful talks, film screenings, and lively discussions from the comfort of your own device.

This year, Bend Design brings together the brightest and boldest minds in eco design, social justice, education, sustainable fashion and social media to explore what it means to be human in a world where the role of design is constantly shifting. Listen to a compelling exploration of possibilities and insights from a range of participants, including, architectural designer and educator Maya Bird-Murphy, global social media strategist Dot Lung and researcher and maker Rob Lewis, among others.

Bend Design is presented by Scalehouse, a non-profit arts organization that shapes our shared future through creativity, collaboration, and conversation.

The beauty behind Scalehouse is that it’s for creative thinkers and curious adventurers from all walks of life. Artist, civic and business leaders, scientists and engineers, teachers and students, concerned citizens—anyone who feels a responsibility to help shape the future through creativity. Scalehouse is committed to programming that’s accessible yet provocative, extraordinary yet inclusive, and always with an eye toward a better future for all of us. Learn more at benddesign.org.