Pastini is so proud to announce that we’ve now donated over $200,000 to local schools in Oregon through our Pastathon program!

Pastini started Pastathons for schools back in 2010 as a way to give back to our communities by donating to local schools in our neighborhoods. We donate 50 percent of the net profits and the donations support PTA’s, school foundations, and help purchase everything from sports equipment to school choir outings and new supplies and books.

Pastathons are a fun and a food-filled two-day event where families and other school supporters gather at their local Pastini to dine together, see friends and (incidentally) raise some money!

And now after eight years, we’ve raised over $200,000 to support students and teachers at local schools…. and we’re still going! We’re proud to be contributing to the future through the Pastathon program, and we’re so grateful that you’ve been part of it. We couldn’t give back without your help.

Raising money never tasted so good!

Read more about Pastathons and apply for one here!