Guest blog by Moe Carrick


What do a rock musician, a fire researcher, a white guy, an ex-con, a Hollywood writer, and a food waste CEO all have in common?


They all, with 16 other speakers and 4 performers, will grace our TEDxBend stage at Bend Senior High on May 13th to provoke, inspire, challenge, and energize.


This year, TEDx Bend’s 6th annual event, entices all Central Oregon locals to attend, even if they never have before.  One of the regular issues TEDxBend has faced in the past 5 years is that tickets sell-out in hours or days, leaving many frustrated that they can’t get in.  This year we hope that everyone who wants to can come!

TEDxBend 2017 poster

To that end, TEDxBend is offering student tickets for free to local youth, as has been the tradition, as well as adult scholarship tickets for those who simply can’t afford a ticket.  The team works hard to keep ticket prices low, while also professionally recording all talks, a requirement of the license, and providing a world-class audience experience.  This year’s event is $79 per session (early bird was $68) which is up just $10 from last year (plus lunch!) For those who desire year-round access to all events and reserved seating, the new Patron Ticket is perfect and also a tax deduction.


The volunteer team in 2017 decided to meet the community access challenge by doubling the event duration and offering twice as many performers, resulting in, you got it: twice as many available tickets!


In past years, the event was a 5-6 hour show with breaks and an evening bash.  This year, there are two 5-6 hour sessions with a community festival (sponsored by the Les Schwab Amphitheater) complete with an outdoor stage, lots of interaction opportunities, and lunch. Attendees can buy a ticket for the morning or afternoon session, or double up and join TEDx for the whole day.


This year’s program mixes speakers from Central Oregon as well as throughout Oregon, in addition to far flung cities such as NY and Charleston, NC. As always, no TEDx performers are paid—but instead volunteer their time and agree to work with a member of the TEDxBend Coaching team to get them ready to deliver the talk of their lives.


TEDx is the local version of TED, the international phenomenon that takes place annually in Vancouver, BC. With more than 3000 TEDx event licenses currently, events take place all over the world and run the gamut from large, professionally run events to small, pop up student events.


Here in Bend, TEDxBend is run by an organizing committee, and directed by the TEDxBend Board who oversees the 501c3.  In addition to the main event on May 13th, TEDxBend hosts monthly salons, TEDxBend Women, and soon to come, a youth event in 2018.


This year’s program, as always, provides diverse and intriguing topics from the stage:

  • Did you know some experts say we do not have 5 senses, but more than 30?
  • What do you think really counts in helping someone transition from doing time to doing life?
  • Have you ever considered what being white and male really can mean in partnership?
  • What does singing together do for us in community?
  • Do you read the comments sections?
  • We had a wild snow year—what do you know about the white stuff?
  • What are the implications of our fervor for youth sports in the USA?


And so much more…a 10 year-old fiddle champion, a local Native Dance Troupe, a cellist and a bellydancer, and the country’s only Asian rock dance cover band!


Tickets are still available, and with plentiful opportunities for interaction with one another and with performers, this year’s event promises access for all and more ideas worth sharing than ever!


And for those who want a taste before they come to TEDxBend’s live event, join us next week for special film showings of the 2017 LIVE TED show at Bend’s Regal Cinemas:

Tuesday April 25 8 PM TED Prize Event (tickets $20 here)

Sunday, April 30th TED 2017 Highlights Exclusive (tickets $20 here)



About Moe Carrick:

Moe Carrick is Principal and Founder of Moementum, Inc. a Certified BCorp and consulting firm dedicated to the vision of creating a world that works for everyone using business as a force for good. She serves as the volunteer Chair of TEDxBend as well as TEDxBend Licensee and Lead Organizer for 2017.