Large and in charge public art pieces headed to the Old Mill District

We can’t get enough of Bend’s stunning array of public art pieces.

Which is why we’re bringing even more vibrant and engaging public art to the Old Mill District.

Last year we teamed with Visit Bend to develop our own Tin Pan Alley Art Collection. A spinoff of the popular public art initiative downtown, our Tin Pan Alley pieces were created during the winter before being unveiled this past April. We hope your head spins and your heart soars as much as ours did when we first saw them.

Here’s more information about our four new favorite things in Bend:

“You Have No Idea How Much You Mean To People” by Lisa and Lori Lubbesmeyer – their studio is in the Old Mill District above Strictly Organic – was created with acrylic paint, graphite, compressed charcoal, lino block print and metallic media. As a collaborative team and twin sisters, the Lubbesmeyers are sensitive to how interconnected they are, and therefore, how much everyone relies on community. Using social media, the sisters requested people’s words of aspiration and incorporated them into their depiction of a neighborhood, creating a global community that represents a universal voice of optimism.

Crafted by community members during a First Friday event in downtown Bend last June, this untitled painting organized by Base Camp Studio incorporates various circles. Base Camp invited Bendites to add their own circle to the painting, creating a piece that alludes to connection, community, inclusion, oneness and life. A local arts and social service nonprofit, Base Camp

provides a sustainable and supportive space that builds a healthy community by cultivating creativity, self-awareness, personal growth and interpersonal understanding through the arts.

“The Pack” by Megan Marie Myers is an offering of gratitude to the first exquisite dusting of snow and an acknowledgement of the elegance in our relationship with nature. Above all, it celebrates our companions, our families, our packs. Myers is a painter, illustrator and native Oregonian whose painting studio is walking distance from downtown Bend. When she is not painting, she is exploring the Oregon outback.




Inspired by the vibrant hues of Bend’s sunsets and the meandering calm of the Deschutes River in the Old Mill District, “Riparin” embodies the natural and manmade synergy between one of the city’s most dynamic riparian areas. Artist Sarah Helen More grew up in Portland and Houston and holds an MFA from the Cranbrook Academy of Art and a BFA in textile design from the Rhode Island School of Design. Her clients include the University of Michigan, Digital Kitchen and 10 Barrel Brewing Company.