Bend’s full of smart, innovative folks that don’t mind tackling the big issues.

Check out these talks, lectures and workshops coming up the next few months and be part of some of the most important conversations our community is discussing.

Natural History Pub Series

Bring your curiosity and appetite for food and drink to our Natural History Pub programs held at McMenamins Old St. Francis School in downtown Bend. Enjoy hearing about topics such as animal behavior, range restoration or geologic activity from the scientists involved in these projects. The series runs from September to May. These are free events, but seating is limited and an RSVP is required. Registration for each Natural History Pub opens one month prior to the event.

The Spread of Juniper
January 8

A long-term, ongoing research study in Central Oregon has provided important information about water availability in landscapes that are dominated by western juniper. Join Assistant Professor of Watershed-Riparian Systems at Oregon State University Dr. Carlos Ochoa at McMenamins Old St. Francis School for a discussion of this tree, its impacts and potential solutions.

Environmental Migrations: Disasters, Climate Change and the Rise in Refugees
February 12

Community-wide migrations are expected to become increasingly common as climate change causes more extreme environmental conditions. Dr. Elizabeth Marino, assistant professor of anthropology at OSU-Cascades, will explore the complexities of environmental migration and potential implications for the High Desert region during this talk at McMenamins Old St. Francis School.

High Desert Museum talks and lectures

Common Ground: Our Role in Conservation
January 16

Humans put great demands on the Earth’s natural resources. What is our responsibility to our environment? It may sometimes feel as though our individual efforts are futile. How can the actions of one person, or one community, have a significant impact? Curator of Natural History Louise Shirley and Curator of Education Carolyn Nesbitt will give a short presentation before leading a conversation among participants at the museum. Come to share your thoughts and listen to other perspectives.

The World of Rick Bartow
January 31 

Museum Curator of Art and Community Engagement Andries Fourie will lead a gallery walk through the exhibition “Rick Bartow: Things You Know But Cannot Explain.” Learn about Bartow’s life, his influences, the importance of his Native American heritage and the methods and materials he used to make his art.

 OSU-Cascades Science Pubs

Meet some of OSU’s leading researchers and delve into their fascinating worlds in casual Science Pubs at McMenamins in Bend. No scientific background required—just bring your curiosity, sense of humor and appetite for food, drinks and knowledge!

What will Oregon’s Next Volcanic Eruption Look Like?
January 15

Adam Kent, Professor, Geology Program Head, OSU College of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences
Oregon is one of the most “volcanic” US states – there are thousands of volcanoes in our state. Take a tour of Oregon’s volcanoes and imagine what a future eruption of one of them might look like.

The Boom and Bust Cycles of Rivers
February 19

Sean Fleming, Author, Courtesy Professor, OSU College of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences
Learn how mathematics and physics can reveal the hidden secrets of rivers, and insights into the deep relationships they have with landscapes, ecosystems and societies.