What better way to enjoy the holiday season than by horse-drawn carriage? Central Oregon’s own Cowboy Carriage will be making regular appearances in the Old Mill District throughout the holiday season, so that you and your loved ones can get in the spirit! Hop on during one of our live musical performances so your senses can be filled with the sounds, lights, smells and crisp air of this magical season.

We’re happy to be providing carriage rides this year with Cowboy Carriage, which offers horse-drawn carriage and wagon rides all over Central Oregon for special events (including, of course, brewery tours).  We’re lucky to have them visit us during the following dates between 2-5 pm (pick up/drop off is between Ben and Jerry’s and Francesca’s):


Saturday-Sunday, December 7-8
Saturday-Sunday, December 14-15
Saturday-Tuesday, December 21-23
Thursday-Tuesday, December 26-30

While the rides are complimentary, tips and donations are accepted and will benefit the Kids Center. The Kids Center is a local nonprofit organization dedicated to the prevention, evaluation and treatment of child abuse.  The organization interviews and medically evaluates children who have suspected abuse. In a child friendly environment, the Kids Center seeks to find out what has happened and to provide a path to healing through family support and therapeutic services.