Father’s Day is right around the corner and it’s got us thinking. Society’s dad stereotypes are pretty off base and we’re here to say we aren’t having it. We know you aren’t dinner burning, man cave lurking buffoons who forget to pick their kids up from school. On the other end of the spectrum of absurdity, we know no one can meet those impossibly high standards of being the larger than life guy who can fix anything and take care of everything without breaking a sweat and with one hand tied behind his back. (But we also know you’ll die trying and we love you for that.)

The dads we know and adore are the everyday heroes who take care of the everyday things that mean the world to us. The dad who teaches his kid how to throw a perfect pitch and keeps his cool while his toddler pitches a perfect fit. The dad who can send the boogie man scurrying and puts fears to rest with strong arms and tender words. The dad who power lunches with his clients and is the perfect companion at the teddy bear tea party. We think you’re pretty amazing just the way you are and we have some pretty amazing ways to celebrate you and the dads in your life:

Family Fun

Your family thinks you’re pretty darn fun to hang out with, so plan an outing with them and bask in their adoration. Surrey bikes from Wheel Fun Rentals are a blast for all ages, and there’s no better way to breeze your way along the River Trail. Got music in your soul? Spread out a blanket and feel the beat at one of the free, family friendly BMC FREE Summer Sunday Concerts at Les Schwab Amphitheater. If you want to beat the heat, hit the Deschutes River for a SUP adventure or a lazy float. And, you can always solidify your superhero status with a perfectly-placed spike at the sand volleyball courts. Top Gun theme song optional.

You Time. Seriously.

We know dads don’t really talk a lot about needing “me time”, but maybe they should. There are all kinds of ways for you to unwind and recharge before you get back to your spider-slaying, bike-fixing,problem-solving reality. Hit Regal Cinemas for a movie that doesn’t involve singing animated characters (or maybe it does…no judgment here). Gear up at Confluence Fly Shop and then tackle (see what we did there?) the largest fly casting course west of the Mississippi. Feel the need to break up the solitude?

Spend a little quality time with your favorite tail-wagging friend at the dog park. Finally, grab a beer at Greg’s Grill, find a sunny spot on the patio and watch the river, and the world, slide on by.

Retail Therapy: The Dad Version

We’re all about banishing bad dad stereotypes but some gift ideas are always good ideas. Satisfy his craving for the latest tech toys at Simply Mac or Game Stop. Send him off on his next adventure with shiny new gear from REI. Giving the gift of culinary prowess is easy to do at Ginger’s Kitchenware and if grilling is his game, head to Savory Spice Shop and create a custom seasoning blend just for him. And, if he’s a wine guy in this beer-loving town, Naked Winery and Va Piano Vineyards Winery have you (and him) covered.

On Father’s Day and every day, we say here’s to you and cheers to you. We love you just the way you are and we’re glad you’re in our lives.