Every year you blink and it seems the holidays are upon us. As we slide into the swirl of winter, festooned with plans and to do lists that could line the walls, take a moment to distill the essence of the season and find magic. Recall the traditions and the experiences that dance to the surface of your memories. What did you do as a child that seemed so wondrous?  The simplest things are magical; playing in the snow, fresh apple pie baking in the oven, listening to older relatives telling funny and embarrassing stories, gooey marshmallows in rich hot chocolate or a crackling fire after a crisp day. Days off from school,  family skiing adventures, tromping through the woods to find the perfect tree,  dressing up to the see the Nutcracker, lighting candles and singing carols on Christmas Eve, the stillness of fresh snow and the anticipation of Christmas morning. May this year bring new experiences that become cherished memories.  However you celebrate, we wish you and yours; a very Happy Holiday.christmas-lights-HD-wallpaper