How does Santa make a grand entrance when all his reindeer are resting up for a busy night on Christmas Eve?

AirLink Santa (14)

By AirLink helicopter of course! That’s right, for the second year in a row, Santa Claus will be arriving by air in the Les Schwab Amphitheater to kick off the holiday season. When he lands around 10am on November 29th, children of all ages will have a chance to greet him until he takes his seat in SantaLand (330 SW Powerhouse Drive) to lend an ear to Christmas wishes and pose for photos.

AirLink has an important job in our communities (even more important than helping out good ol’ Saint Nick – if you can believe it): transporting patients with medical emergencies to medical treatment. Since 1985, AirLink has transported more than 22,000 people by responding to scene calls, providing hospital-to-hospital transports, and assisting search and rescue. AirLink has two bases in Bend, and two helicopters that are ready year-round to respond to emergencies on a moment’s notice.

AirLink Santa (30)Speaking of Search and Rescue, Deschutes County volunteers will also be on hand during Santa’s grand arrival on Black Friday – they’ll be providing ground support. So when you bring the kids out to watch Santa come in, make sure to thank them for all their volunteer hours participating in this important public service.

See you November 29th!