Founder and frontman Ian Anderson leading 50th anniversary tour

It was on Feb. 2, 1968, at the world-famous Marquee Club on London’s Wardour Street that Jethro Tull first performed under that name. The group would go on to become one of the most successful and enduring bands of their era, selling more than 60 million albums worldwide and entering the cultural collective consciousness along the way.

Jethro Tull’s debut album, This Was, was released later that same year. Founder, frontman and flautist Ian Anderson is credited with introducing the flute to rock as a frontline instrument, not to mention the codpiece.

One of the biggest selling progressive rock bands of all time, Jethro Tull’s immense and diverse catalogue of work encompasses folk, blues, classical and heavy rock stylings. The anniversary tour will feature a broad mix of material, some of it focusing on Tull’s earlier formative period as well as the band’s most famous albums such as This Was, Stand Up, Benefit, Aqualung, Thick as a Brick and more.

“I treasure the memories of the earlier years of Jethro Tull repertoire, associated as it is with the adventures of visiting so many countries for the first time to connect with new fans around the world,” Anderson says. “And this is a celebration of all the 33 band members who graced our ranks – musicians who brought their talents, skills and styles to bear on the performances live and in the studio.”

Jethro Tull Live in Bend Oregon - 50th Anniversary Tour