It’s Love Letter Day!

Enter to Win a Bottle of Wine from Va Piano Vineyards & Naked Winery. Plus, Two Wine Glasses and a Bottle of Wine from Ginger’s Kitchenware

We’re celebrating the connections that tie us all together with a series of Love Letters. They’re fun, they’re original, and they’re from the most unexpected sources. Every month, we’ll release a new letter and a new contest. It’s a monthly reminder of what inspires us, what fills our hearts with joy, what puts smiles on our faces.

Love Letters from the Old Mill District

Once upon a time I was completely bottled up, afraid to show people who I really was. Would they think I was too complex? Too soft? Too immature? I couldn’t take the rejection. Then you came along and opened up a whole new world. One of swirling and twirling and the clinking of glasses. Of laughter and celebration. Of secret dreams shared around a table. Now that I can finally breathe, I’m embracing the truth that you love me. You really, really love me.

January's Love Letter Contest from the Old Mill District - Win Bottles of Wine & Two Glasses for Cheers-ing