It’s Love Letter Week!

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We’re celebrating the connections that tie us all together with a series of Love Letters. They’re fun, they’re original, and they’re from the most unexpected sources. Every month, we’ll release a new letter and a new contest. It’s a monthly reminder of what inspires us, what fills our hearts with joy, what puts smiles on our faces.

Love Letters from the Old Mill District

I’ve always been a bit of a diva. What can I say? I love putting on a good show. Choosing colors. Casting spells. Stirring souls. It’s all so enchanting. I’m flattered that you’d pause your day to watch me do my thing. So I’ve created something special, just for you. I call it Farewell Kiss. Because no matter what happens in life, every day can end beautifully.

March's Love Letter Contest from the Old Mill District - Win Dinner a $50 gift card to Hello Sunshine and a $50 gift card to Anthony's in the Old Mill District