It’s Love Letter Week!

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We’re celebrating the connections that tie us all together with a series of Love Letters. They’re fun, they’re original, and they’re from the most unexpected sources. Every month, we’ll release a new letter and a new contest. It’s a monthly reminder of what inspires us, what fills our hearts with joy, what puts smiles on our faces.

Love Letters from the Old Mill District

Moms. Step-moms. Sisters. Cool aunts. Teachers, friends, grandmothers, dog moms, cat moms and plant moms. To those who have a mothering heart. We see you. And you are magical and marvelous.

When the world asks you to move mountains, you rise up to the challenge. It’s not easy to reach for the sky with your feet firmly planted in the soil of daily life. It’s taken us millions of years to learn how to juggle all the things. You make it look so easy! From taking the trail less traveled to watching over those you love — something we know a little bit about — you are a straight-up gift to humanity.

From the mountains to all of the mamas out there…

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