Serving more meals than ever before.

Guided by the belief that nobody should go hungry, Bend’s Family Kitchen has been providing free, nutritious meals to anyone in need in a safe and caring environment since 1986. Patrons are treated with respect and are asked nothing but to leave with a full stomach.

Through partnerships with entities that provide housing and case management services, Family Kitchen now serves more than 12,000 meals a month throughout Central Oregon.

On any given day at Family Kitchen:

  • More than 350 meals are prepared and delivered.
  • Volunteers are doing everything from cooking to serving to shopping to cleaning to washing laundry to recycling cardboard.
  • If it’s Wednesday, middle and high school students are preparing a meal for 100 and prepping food for other meals throughout the week.
  • The staff is deftly finding space for ingredients, welcoming volunteers new and old, checking in with diners, and keeping the place in the good graces of the health department.

On any given week, over 2,000 fresh to-go meals are delivered to:

  • Bend Shelter
  • Franklin St Shelter
  • COVO Camp Check-ins
  • Redmond Collective Action’s Event
  • Home deliveries
  • Low income housing
  • Additional camp deliveries
Bend's Family Kitchen, serving meals to those in need since 1986

Photo: Gary Calicott

A true community team player, Family Kitchen partners with organizations like Mosaic Medical van, the Shepherd’s House, Deschutes County Health Services, the Deschutes County Library ‘Sharebrary’, THRIVE Central Oregon, REACH Out Central Oregon, the Peaceful Presence Project, the Lighthouse Navigation Center, and more.

Want to help? Family Kitchen always needs volunteers and donors. Visit the website at to check out ways to be involved.