Get ready for your first taste of summer beer festivals at the Fermentation Celebration, returning to the Old Mill District on Thursday, June 19th from 4 – 10p. Delicious locally-crafted beers will be poured for participants of legal drinking age with live music performances featured on two stages.

fermentation celebration cheers

Visitors may purchase a commemorative pint glass for $20, which includes 9 drink tickets…then they simply take the glass and cruise around the Old Mill District participating shops to sample craft beers, plus a couple of wine and cider selections. If you just want to enjoy the celebration without drinking, entry is free and children and pets are welcome.

We asked our friend Jon Abernathy, aka @Chuggnutt for a few of his top recommendations. Jon is a highly regarded beer blogger and aficionado at The Brew Site, an excellent resource for all beer lovers.

Without further ado, words from Chuggnutt Jon himself:

With at least 30 good beers pouring from so many breweries, it can definitely be a challenge to decide what to drink! You could try to taste all 30 or so beers and ciders available—probably doable in the six hours of the Celebration—but let’s break it down a bit and consider: you get nine drink tickets and a pint glass with your initial purchase, so what are the nine beers you should look for first? Here are my picks:

  1. North Rim Round About Stout (Station 1): If you’re looking for a darker beer, this is the one for you. You’ll find coffee and chocolate notes in this beer from Bend’s newest brewery.
  2. The Ale Apothecary Sahalie (Station 3): Quite possibly the most unique beer brewed in Central Oregon! This yeast-forward, mixed-fermentation ale will wow you with layers of flavor and complexity.
  3. Central Oregon Homebrewers (various) (Station 3): They will be pouring a variety of beers and styles showcasing the skills and talents of local homebrewers. Whatever they are pouring when you visit will be worth the ticket!
  4. Worthy Training Wheels Session IPA (Station 4): Worthy Brewing brewed this beer special for the Fermentation Celebration, does that make this the honorary beer of the day? You’ll get the hop flavors of an IPA in a lighter, easy-to-drink session ale.
  5. Deschutes Brewery Doppel Dinkle Bock (Station 7): This German-style Doppelbock brewed with spelt (a type of wheat dating to antiquity) will mix it up in an interesting way.
  6. Silver Moon Get Sum Pale Ale (Station 8): This beer recently won a gold medal at the North American Beer Awards and is exactly what you’re looking for in a refreshing, hoppy American pale.
  7. 10 Barrel Swill (Station 10): 10 Barrel struck gold with their take on a “radler,” essentially a blend of their sour weisse beer with citrus soda. If you’re looking for something different, this is a winner.
  8. Bend Brewing Ludwig Pilsner (Station 4): Because every “must try” list should contain at least one pilsner! This straw-colored lager is crisp and refreshing and is amazingly drinkable, particularly on a hot day.
  9. Red Tank Cider Chops (Station 10): Don’t forget the cider—and Red Tank’s blend of a hopped cider with their Sour Cherry cider (made with Montmorency cherries) brings something unique to the night’s festivities.

Thanks Jon!

We’re inviting all participants to share their favorite quaffs by using the #FC14 hashtag when posting pics and words on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and other social sites. See you Thursday!