Nobody loves St. Patrick’s Day quite like our friends at Greg’s Grill.

Throughout the month of March, Greg’s Grill will celebrate the Irish with a special St Paddy’s Day inspired cocktail menu. It’s big, it’s dark and feels like the perfect antidote to the snow of recent days.

Here’s the list in all its glory.

Jameson & The Giant Peach, $11

A Greg’s favorite. Jameson, peach schnapps and our refreshing mix of juices. This is a real thirst quencher.


Always Bet on Black, $12

Jameson Black Barrel, spiced bitters and sweet vermouth. This variation on a Manhattan is a sure bet!


Old Mill Joe, $12

Our classic Irish coffee is made with Powers, which was Dublin’s first bottled whiskey.


Jameson Caskmates, $10

Triple-distilled, blended Irish whiskey that has been patiently finished in Irish craft beer-seasoned barrels. Available in stout or IPA editions.


Jameson 18 Year, $18

Matured for no less than 18 years an exceptionally balanced and unique.


Redbreast 12 Year, $11

The No. 1 single pot stilled Irish whiskey.