The best margaritas in town just got a little better.

Hola! is now serving its own private label of Patrón Añejo tequila.

“There’s lot of vanilla and roasted pear in there with a beautiful caramel color,” says Hola! co-owner and managing partner Marcos Rodriguez. “At the end, there’s a real earthy flavor. In this barrel, we found that balance where there’s enough sugar to sip on but it doesn’t overpower you when you mix it with a margarita.”

Rodriguez and his brother Alberto sampled nearly 20 different small-batch tequilas from Patron before settling on their own flavor profile. Hola! is just one of three restaurants in all of Oregon to have its own customized Patron barrel of tequila.

“It really is perfect to mix with a margarita,” Alberto says about his family’s small-batch añejo tequila that’s aged in oak barrels for more than 12 months. “It makes the best margarita we have right now.”