You do the celebrating, let Pastini do the cooking

After years of hard work, long nights in the library, and plenty of essay papers, your graduate is almost across the finish line! As the big day nears, we’ll arm you with everything you need to turn your graduation festivities into a feast.

In fact, we offer catering combos that will appeal to the whole party!

Consider the Parma Combo, which lets you select from some of our most beloved dishes, like the Linguini Pesto Pollo, with creamy pesto sauce, red peppers and grilled chicken. Or the vegetarian-friendly Cavatappi Primavera, with a medley of garden veggies. Each of our catering combos include your choice of a fresh Field Greens or Caesar salads, making for a well-rounded meal the whole class will love.

Platters that feed 5-8 people start at $60, which includes pasta, salad and bread.

Feeling hungry yet? Your graduation feast just a phone call away. Call us at 541-749-1060.