Longtime Old Mill District kitchenware store ads olive oils and vinegars on tap

By: KM Collins

Ginger’s Kitchenware is tapping into a whole new world of products.

The longtime Old Mill District cooking and kitchenware destination has added premium Olivelle olive oil and vinegars, available on tap, to its store offerings. Food aficionados can now sample and purchase 24 different oils and vinegars from Ginger’s. Owners Jaime and Ginger Aguirre carry everything from classic unadorned styles such as extra virgin olive oil and barrel-aged balsamic to fun and innovative infused flavors like Sicilian lemon, strawberry, black truffle, caramelized garlic, summer peach, fig, basil, and blood orange.

“There’s something special about coming in, seeing the bulk canisters of oils and vinegars all lined up on the shelves, taking some time to taste the incredible variety of flavors, picking out a bottle, and filling it with just what you want,” Jaime Aguirre says. “That alone is a treat, and then going home and cooking with it is pretty fun, too.”

By including Olivelle items among its inventory of housewares, Ginger’s Kitchenware hopes to add a deeper sense of flavor and pleasure to the kitchens of expert and amateur cooks alike.

“After finding Olivelle, we knew the line would be a perfect addition to our store beyond the pots and pans,” Ginger Aguirre says. “We’re excited to offer in-store tasting and education to Central Oregon. These products bring a pop of fresh flavor into familiar dishes, and inspire the creation of totally new ones.”

In addition to the oils and vinegars, Ginger’s Kitchenware also now stocks Olivelle brand dipping herbs, rubs, spices, and sea salts crafted specifically to pair with their olive oil and balsamic partners.

Olivelle was founded by a mother-daughter team from Bozeman, Montana in 2006 when a friend’s cancer diagnosis inspired the pair to learn more about pure, real foods and healthful fats. They carefully taste and hand select their oils and vinegars in Italy and elsewhere from small, family farms, most of which use organic farming practices.

“Customers can choose a bottle size and fill it with oil or vinegar fresh off the tap,” says Olivelle co-founder Brie Thompson. “Compared to pre-bottled oils and vinegars, our on-tap system protects these delicate, high-quality products from the damaging effects of oxygen and light. It also enables customers to taste and handpick something that truly speaks to them.”

Olivelle products are just one of many specialty and everyday products visitors will find at Ginger’s, which has been a Bend staple for more than 30 years. The Aguirres bought the store in 2007 when they made the jump from telecom careers to small business owners. Since then, they’ve curated their shelves with the perfect blend of modern and classic kitchenware, including Wüsthof cutlery, Jura espresso machines, and All-Clad cookware.

Outside of the products themselves, part of what brings customers back to Ginger’s again and again is their staff expertise. With a fully stocked demo kitchen and strict attention to testing products, Ginger’s Kitchenware ensures all the kitchenware it sells meets Jaime and Ginger’s personal bar of excellence.

Ginger’s Kitchenware, located at 375 SW Powerhouse Drive, Ste 120, is open Monday through Saturday, from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m., and on Sundays from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.