Hello Sunshine is soaking up every last bit of summer and to celebrate, we’ve created a list of our favorite summer items!!

From local artists, to favorite brands – we’ve got you covered!!

Pink Pomegranate Essential Oil Diffusing Jewelry: Hand crafted with love in Redmond, Oregon – this line is unique because it provides a way to look stylish while dispensing your favorite essential oils! Simply apply one drop of essential oil to the lava bead and allow 30 seconds for absorption. Re-apply as needed. As if you’d need another reason to love this creative jewelry line, it’s also a great way to support a talented local artist!

Blossom Lip Products: These beautifully scented and flavored lip products are infused with real dried flowers and mineral oils. Made in sunny California, they look as great as they smell!! Personally, I’d like one for each day of the week!!

Hobo Handbags: Everyone’s favorite handbags and wallets are a must have!! Hobo creates products with the softest leather, fun and timeless colors, and unique styles. They stand up to the test of time, and actually get better with each use! That’s why these beauties are a shoe in for our favorites list! *Tip* Did you know that many of the Hobo styles are multi-functional? So, when you’re checking out that beautiful tan crossbody, keep in mind that it can probably double as a shoulder bag as well!

With fall just around the corner, (I know, we don’t like it either) we’re planning on taking every opportunity to enjoy the sunshine and blue skies here in beautiful Bend, Oregon. So, after you paddle the Deschutes or wrap up a ride at Phil’s Trails, come on by the Old Mill District and check out all these awesome products!

We promise, there is always something new and exciting at the shop!

Left to right: Pink Pomegranate Essential Oil Diffusing Jewelry, Blossom Lip Products and Hobo Handbags.