The Month of Love is in full swing here in the Old Mill District.

There’s dinner and drink specials, WinterFest, gift suggestions and even special membership deals from CycleBar Bend designed to share the love of fitness.

And it’s also Saffron Month at Savory Spice.

What is saffron, you ask?

Harvested from the saffron crocus plant – it’s a beautiful purple flowering plant that grows in the Mediterranean region – saffron the spice is either ground into a fine powder or used in brewing.  Saffron-infused dishes can range from floral and luxurious to slightly bitter.

The folks at Savory Spice have some super creative recipes involving saffron, including white-chocolate pretzels with saffron salt, margaritas with a saffron salt rim, and a to-die for saffron and chanterelle risotto.

This special spice is only available at Savory Spice during the month of February and you’ll earn double loyalty points on all your saffron purchases!


What is Saffron?

What is Saffron? And, how would you use Saffron Salt? 🌺 This month only at Savory Spice!

Posted by Savory Spice Shop on Wednesday, January 30, 2019