Starting this fall, Saxon’s Fine Jewelers in Bend’s Old Mill District will carry jewelry and handbags from the acclaimed southwestern jewelry maker Armenta.

Based out of Texas, Armenta features Old World style created by owner and designer Emily Armenta. With designs in 18 karat and yellow gold, as well as blackened sterling silver with diamonds and gemstones, Armenta pieces exudes a feel that is rugged yet refined. Equally as exciting is their social mission to offer economic opportunity to women from disadvantaged circumstances. Additionally, all Armenta pieces are handmade in the United States and sourced from ethical and socially responsible supply chains.

“My studio is a source of inspiration,” Emily says. “I am inspired by the creativity that surrounds me on a daily basis. I cannot imagine outsourcing my art to another country and missing out on the creativity that takes place every day. Spending time at the studio provides an incredible opportunity for me to invent and create something that can never be duplicated.

“Furthermore,” she adds, “the studio is a magical place for me as I am able to see firsthand how believing in duende can make the impossible become a reality.”

Being a force for good is a core tenant of Armenta’s business philosophy. The company is guided by its Armenta Social Mission, which is based on empowerment, education and social responsibility.

“We are committed to empowering individuals and providing  opportunities to people, while building a global network that can create change on a larger scale, environmentally and socially,” Emily says. “I not only choose the materials for our pieces based on my inspiration and the want to bring Duende, the struggle between dark and light, to life, but I choose based on our commitment to empower, educate, and be socially responsible. When you wear Armenta, you are not just wearing a beautiful piece of  jewelry but making a positive local and global impact.”

For Saxon’s, a company that has helped raise money for disaster relief in Sri Lanka and has been a major supporter of the arts in Central Oregon, working with Armenta was a natural fit.

“This is why we love Armenta!” says Kati Magana of Saxon’s. “Our paths crossed many years ago and our passions and value aligned, it was like a match made in heaven. We are so excited to partner with an artists who embodies who we are as Saxon’s and how we want to impact our community and the world.”