Valentine’s Day ideas for parents

From heart-shaped pancakes and pink Rice Krispies treats to hidden notes in lunchboxes and good-morning flowers, there’s more than one way to brighten your kid’s day on Valentine’s.

We’ve got a couple of ideas, too, if you’re not so good with the griddle or food coloring.

All the things from Sweet Tooth

Nothing says love to a fourth-grader like chocolate-covered gummy bears. OK, that’s not true at all, but just about anything from Sweet Tooth will make your kid’s day on Valentine’s Day. Especially the fire-hot scorpion gummies.

Toys, games, books and apparel from Wild Child

The cuteness quotient at Wild Child, our new toy store in the Old Mill District, is out of control. Where do we start? Maybe the 3-foot long Where the Wild Things Are floor puzzle? Or gorgeous artsy backpacks. Oh, how about the tree growing kits! Swing by this hidden gem between Regal Cinemas and Kona Mix Plate on the south side of the OMD.

Bling from Claire’s

Anyone with a fashion-forward fifth-grader knows the power of Claire’s. Earrings, bracelets, bath bombs, scrunchies, hair dye – it’s pretty much a Fuller House commercial if Fuller House wasn’t on Netflix and had commercials. Awesome price points for small gifts and great for things that don’t require sizing if you’re a well-intentioned aunt or uncle that doesn’t know exactly how big or small their favorite niece or nephew is.

Accessories via Buckle

If you’re confident in buying clothes for your teen, more power to you. A safer option for a lot of us parents that are 100 percent sure music peaked in 1992 at Pearl Jam’s free “Rock the Vote” concert in Seattle’s Magnuson Park are accessories from Buckle like earrings, bracelets, sunglasses, lanyards, and ID wallets, all of which are around or under $20.

Mountain goods courtesy of Hello Sunshine

Our kids revel in their Oregonian-ness almost as much as we do, which makes Hello Sunshine a perfect spot to pick up a mountain, river, or forest-inspired gift. Locally owned and operated, Hello Sunshine has a super fun selection of T-shirts, hats, journals, jewelry, and even puzzles that speaks to anyone who dreams of time in the woods or atop the mountains.

Old Mill District gift card at the Ticket Mill and Confluence Fly Shop

We get it, trying to find that perfect gift for your kid can be tough. That’s why an Old Mill District gift card, available at the Ticket Mill and Confluence Fly Shop, is so beautifully easy. One gift card good for EVERY business in the Old Mill District. If your little ones are like ours, they’ll also love the grown-up like freedom of being able to pop into various stores and shop for what they want.