It’s true, there are SO many great ways to while away your days in Bend, Oregon. With recreational wonders providing a draw for locals and visitors from all over the world, we are also home to a burgeoning creative culture.

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We’ve compiled a few tips from artists and art lovers to jumpstart a fun lesson in local arts appreciation. You are invited to take these ideas to task. For bonus points, hashtag your pic with #howtobend. We’ll be sharing our favorites in the days to come.

Without further ado…

  • Play music from a boombox at Les Schwab Ampitheater and invite your friends for an impromptu swing dance session (also at Center Court, OMD)
  • Watch a Met Opera at Regal Cinema for the “best seat in the house”
  • Do an art tour of the galleries on a day other than First Friday
  • Notice the shadows cast by the trees and sun while on a walk
  • Frame a landscape or buildings between your fingers formed in a square, a heart, a circle, etc.
  • Position yourself in the same place every morning or evening and watch the sunrise or sunset for a week
  • Take a class at the Art Station. Learn inside their super cute historic train depot, then step out the front door and find inspiration in the beautiful flowers, wildlife, mountain views and river.
  • Take a few minutes to confuse other roundabout users and circle the infinity ring a few times at Brookswood and Reed. What a masterpiece of perspective!
  • Get up early enough to catch the herons in the reeds along the Deschutes. Marvel at the sunrise, the quiet river and the still birds.
  • Walk along the river trail in the evening and watch the lights from the old mill reflect on the water.
  • Join the scavenger hunt for the many mysterious murals hidden around Bend alleyways.
  • Next Halloween dress up as a Roundabout Art piece.

Many thanks to our artist & art-loving contributors* Lisa & Lori Lubbesmeyer, John Flannery, Sweet Pea Cole and Becky Boyd.

What would you add to this list?

{Photo credit goes to Instagrammer @KurtDeWitt}