Plan a Great Date for You and Your Plus One in Bend, Oregon

The Great Date. It begins with the two of you, progresses with a series of activities and results in smile-making memories. Aside from great company, sharing new experiences is one of the best ways to have fun together and to pull off a date night to remember.

Whether it’s your first date or your 50th anniversary, here are some great date ideas for together time in Bend.

Date Idea #1 – Movie and a Dinner

Always a classic right? Fortunately, there are many ways to elevate your Bend dining experience to something totally new.

Has your sweetheart voiced an interest in the ballet, Metropolitan Opera or a passion for cult classics? Plan ahead and get tickets to one of the live simulcast performances from Fathom Events and be whisked away to distant lands evoking all of the wonder inspired by professional theater. Following the film, take yourselves over to Lady Bird and cozy up in the posh, Chinoiserie cocktail lounge for eclectic cocktails, shareable appetizers and wonderful conversation.

Date Idea #2 – Take each other for a spin at The Pavilion

Grab a latte or cocoa to go at Sisters Coffee Co. and lace up together for a skate date at The Pavilion. In the winter months, the ice skating arena offers Open Skate opportunities perfect for gliding together on blades, or for the less experienced, helping each other stay upright as you circle and twirl. That giddy feeling could be the effects of open air and the simple joy of play. During the summer, the ice rink is transformed into a roller skating rink.

Date Idea #3 – Skip the tackle try the Fly Casting Course

Here’s a fun way to try things out with the one you’re angling before you take that romance to the river. The Old Mill District Fly Casting Course is one of our unique attractions and the only of its kind in North America. Free and open to the public daily from dawn to dusk, you’ll want to begin this date with a visit to the Ticket Mill where you’ll pick up brochure that includes the course map, casting tips and a score card. From there you can visit Confluence Fly together, taking a rod out to give it a go.

Date Idea #4 – Finish your hike with a visit to a day spa

Go for a day hike together, meander through Shevlin Park or trek alongside the Deschutes River while taking in picture perfect views of the Cascade Mountains. Afterwards continue a mini-retreat together at Radiant Day Spa where a massage will leave you fully relaxed. After that, continue the exploration to Anthony’s at the Old Mill and try one of their Best of the Season local selections.

Date Idea #5 – Get inspired at Kara’s Kitchenware

Swing by Kara’s and draw inspiration for you and your partner’s next great dinner party. Find the right cookware to make delicious crepes or Neapolitan pizza in a new Roccbox pizza oven, or find inspiration by participating in one of her famous cooking classes! Trust us, you’ll come home with new kitchen tools you can’t wait to use!

Date Idea #6 – Seek out adventure at REI

REI offers a series of ongoing classes covering a variety of outdoor activities, including GPS navigation, bike maintenance, winter camping and backpacking. Why not register the two of you for an evening of discovery and learning together? You can put your new skills to good use with a follow up plan to seek out one of the many geocaches nearby in the Old Mill District.

Date Idea #7 – Wine Tasting

The Old Mill District is home to two regional vineyard tasting rooms Evoke Winery and Va Piano Vineyards. Evoke Winery may be the perfect place for conversation ice breakers with wines labeled Cliché Rose and Never Have I Ever Riesling. Va Piano produces elegant, balanced wines, focusing on Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah, and beginning in early 2023 they’re adding champagne to their already stellar sipping menu! Both offer the perfect space to enjoy their outdoor patios and river views while you sip and savor!

Date Idea #8 – Art walk

Stroll through the Old Mill District and seek out the various pieces of public art that dot the landscape. You’ll find four pieces from the Old Mill District’s own Tin Pan Alley collection, Japanese artist Yuya Negishi’s dragon mural and cascading stair project, and Sisters painter/storyteller/musician Dennis McGregor’s acclaimed “You Stole My Name” collection. Be sure to pop in and meet the makers in the art studios and galleries sprinkled throughout the Old Mill District including Lubbesmeyer Art Studio & Gallery, Tumalo Art Co., The Stacks Art Studios & Gallery and Amejko Artistry in the little red shed.