Plan a Great Date for You and Your Plus One in Bend, Oregon

The Great Date. It begins with the two of you, progresses with a series of activities and results in smile-making memories. Aside from great company, sharing new experiences is one of the best ways to have fun together and to pull off a date night to remember.

Whether it’s your first date or your 50th anniversary, here are some great date ideas for together time in Bend.

Date Idea #1 – Movie and a Dinner

Always a classic right? Fortunately there are many ways to elevate the tried and true to something totally new.

Has your sweetheart voiced an interest in the ballet? Plan ahead and get tickets to one of the live simulcast performances from Fathom Events. The Met Opera on the big screen will take you away to distant lands evoking all of the wonder inspired by professional theater. Following the film you can take your ticket stubs to Pastini Pastaria where you will receive a discount on your dinner bill. Be sure to apply the savings towards a great bottle of red and propose a toast to a memorable evening.

Date Idea #2 – Take each other for a spin at the Pavilion

Grab a latte or cocoa to go at Strictly Organic and lace up together for a skate date at the Pavilion. In the winter months, the ice skating arena offers Open Skate opportunities perfect for gliding together on blades, or for the less experienced, helping each other stay upright as you circle and twirl. That giddy feeling could be the effects of open air and the simple joy of play. During the summer, the ice rink is transformed into a roller skating rink.

Date Idea #3 – Skip the tackle try the Fly Casting Course

Here’s a fun way to try things out before you take that romance to the river. The Old Mill District Fly Casting Course is one of our unique attractions and the only of its kind in North America. Free and open to the public daily from dawn to dusk, you’ll want to begin this date with a visit to the Ticket Mill where you’ll pick up brochure that includes the course map, casting tips and a score card. From there you can visit Confluence Fly together, taking a rod out to give it a go.

Do this for a unique experience with the one you are angling to spend more time with.

Date Idea #4 – Finish your hike with a visit to a day spa

Go for a day hike together, ambling alongside the Deschutes River while taking in picture perfect views of the Cascade Mountains. Afterwards you’ll continue a mini-retreat together at the Bend Day Spa where the Hiker’s and Climber’s Delight massage will leave you fully relaxed. A full menu of services are available with complimentary wine, kombucha and beer available. After that, continue the exploration to Greg’s Grill where Happy Hour continues through close every night.

Date Idea #5 – Enjoy a taste of Italy with Ginger’s Kitchenware

Learn new recipes while sipping your favorite chianti. Cooking classes at Ginger’s Kitchenware always entertain while inspiring new culinary adventures. Enjoy stamped pasta, Tuscan roast beef with herb infused olive oil, followed by pear & ricotta crostata. And, if the evening finishes on a sweet note you could always take this experience to the next level by planning a follow up date where you divvy up duties and practice your Italian cooking together.

Date Idea #6 – Seek out adventure at REI

At REI in Bend, ongoing class series cover a variety of actionable topics including GPS navigation. Why not register the two of you for an evening of discovery and learning together? You can put your new skills to good use with a follow up plan to seek out one of the many geocaches nearby in the Old Mill District.

Date Idea #7 – Plan your beach vacation

Yes, vacation planning together is in the advanced dating category. Here’s inspiration for those of you up to the task. It begins with a shared visit to Flip Flip Shops, where you will find an amazing array of styles to choose for yourself and your sweetheart. Help each other find the perfect pair for the destination of your choice. Hawaii might be top of mind, especially if you stroll next door to Kona Mix Plate for delicious stirfrys, sandwiches and seafood platters imbued with the spirit of aloha. Finish the date with purchased tickets and more to look forward to together.

Date Idea #8 – Staycation at the Hilton

Pack your bags and plan an overnighter with your beloved. Make a reservation for a leisurely dinner or order room service, go for a dip in the pool and make it your mission to lounge together.