Not All Birds Fly South for the Winter. Birding in Bend Along the Deschutes River.

Do you have a hankering to catch a glimpse of a downy woodpecker?  Or perhaps a belted kingfisher? The Deschutes River is a vital migratory pathway through Central Oregon for birds of all kinds. The Old Mill District is also home to dozens of species of birds and winter is no exception. Bird watchers can expect to see several different birds during the cold season.

Of course, we do what we can to keep them warm. Look around to discover habitat trees with more than twenty bird nest boxes installed on Old Mill District property on both sides of the Deschutes River.

The Old Mill District and the East Cascades Audubon Society have teamed up to create an illustrated list of birds that are native to the area. Our beautifully illustrated Birding List is free and available for all our visitors. Bird watching is fun, educational and great for most any age. Using this list while spending time on local trails, rivers and parks is just another way to enjoy all the wonderful wildlife this region has to offer.

The Old Mill District & Deschutes River Corridor Birding List. Free brochures are available at the Ticket Mill and visitors can check out Leupold binoculars for free to help you find more elusive species while enjoying the Deschutes River trails. Just one more great family activity to enjoy while you’re in Bend!  To find out more, visit