Let the experts show you the best of Central Oregon

By Beau Eastes

Whether you’re interested in an epic snowshoeing adventure with buddies, exploring underground lava tubes with the kiddos, or finding the best winter beers in town, Central Oregon’s various tour experts have got you covered.

Here’s some of our favorite guided winter adventures:

Wanderlust Tours

Bonfire on the Snow
Snowshoe with your Wanderlust Tours guide to a quiet spot in the snowy forest to bask at a glowing bonfire in the middle of an amazing hand-carved amphitheater in the snow. Relax around the fire enjoying delectable desserts and hot drinks while naturalist guides share fun facts about the forest, its animal life and the night sky.

Snowshoe Tour
Snowshoe off trail into a snowy winter wonderland on Wanderlust’s small group tours. Naturalist guides bring the area alive with vibrant interpretation, snow play for all ages and simple inspiration of nature’s winter wonder. This trip is magical with snow-laden trees, animal tracks to follow and the quiet of a snow-hushed forest.

Wanderlust’s starlight snowshoeing tour.

Lava Tube Cave Tours
These large, cool lava tube caves are fun and fascinating for the whole family. Outfitted with helmets and headlamps, Wanderlust guides will help you discover secret rooms, great cave history and what lives and grows in the caves.

Moonlight and Starlight Snowshoe Tours
Snowshoe by the light of the moon. Discover the Cascades under the bright moonlight reflecting off the white snow and look for signs of animals in their nocturnal wonderland. Wanderlust Tours runs monthly moonlight snowshoe trips for the few nights surrounding each full moon from November to April.

Bend Tour Company

Craft Beer & City Sights Combo Walking Tour
A combo of two of the Bend Tour Company’s most popular tours, this is the perfect way to get to know Bend and some of its most popular breweries. See the incredible sights of our fantastic mountain town and enjoy a couple brewery stops along the way and enjoy delicious samples of Bend’s famous craft beer. All in one fantastic offering.

Electric Bike Art & Cultural Tour
This tour is all about appreciation – art culture, fun electric bikes and the beauty of Bend. You’ll see art in roundabouts, parks, alleys, neighborhoods and other hidden spots that only locals know about. The tour also typically stops in on some working artists to see the process in person and checks out community work spaces occupied by local artists of all kinds.