Living in Bend, Oregon we are constantly in awe of our neighbors. This of course includes the Olympic athletes, brilliant entrepreneurs and ever-inspiring kids next door. It also includes the Marmots, Birds, Beavers and other creatures that share our love for these environs.

There’s something about the combination of Cascade mountains, Deschutes River and sparing beauty of the high desert that both allure us and bring us closer to the natural rhythms of life.

Now underway are two Community Speaker Series that explore the fascinating connections between our ecosystem, the animal kingdom and our everyday lives.

Our Natural World Series at High Desert Museum

Welcome to Subirdia

Learn about the birds in your backyard and their unique ability to thrive? John Marzluff, author of Welcome to Subirdia and TED Talk presenter, will be sharing his knowledge and insight in a special talk planned for February 25th. Hosted at High Desert Museum, this will be a great event for aspiring ornithologists and the curious alike.

Author John Marzluff will speak at High Desert Museum

Author John Marzluff will speak at High Desert Museum

Oregon’s Rivers with author Tim Palmer

On Wednesday March 18th, the series returns for an evening with preeminent river conservationist, photographer and author Tim Palmer. The Oregon Rivers program will concentrate on Palmer’s award-winning photographs and the natural history of some of Oregon’s most iconic streams.

For tickets and advance registration visit the website.


Nature Nights at the Tower Theatre

Nature Nights at the Tower Theatre offer engaging and educational talks that will appeal to all curious minds. Hosted by Deschutes Land Trust, Nature Nights are free with advance registration.

An Obsession with Odonata—Oregon’s dragonflies and damselflies

Join entomologist Celeste Searles Mazzacano for an exploration of dragonfly and damselfly ecology, life history, and conservation, with a focus on the species that inhabit Oregon’s rivers and wetlands. Attendees will learn at the scientific level about these colorful, fierce, and fascinating insects. Secure free tickets for the February 25th Nature Night here.


Learn about Oregon's dragonflies and damselflies at the Tower Theatre

Learn about Oregon’s dragonflies and damselflies at the Tower Theatre


Beavers, Wolves, Fire and Logging— Preparing for climate change with new partners, new strategies

On March 18th, the Nature Night series returns with hydrologist Suzanne Fouty who will explore the role beavers play in transforming landscapes from water-poor to water-rich, and the critical contribution that wolves, fire, and logging have in restoring health to our landscape.

Nature Nights run from 7-8:30pm at the Tower Theatre. Click here to register online.


Do you have a tip on future events that explore our Natural History in Bend? Please share it in the comments.