The Father’s Group is set to host the 4th annual Juneteenth Celebration at Drake Park on June 15th and 16th.

The Father’s Group is a Black led nonprofit located in Central Oregon whose work is focused on advocating, educating and supporting students and families. They work to enhance the lives of the Black community through youth education, leadership, economic empowerment, and community advocacy, while strengthening our community, eliminating barriers, and helping them reach their full potential. They are also the hosts of the annual Juneteenth Celebration, located in Drake Park on June 15th and 16th!

Photo of folks dancing in authentic clothing at Juneteenth in Drake Park in Bend, Oregon

About Juneteenth:

Rooted in education, entertainment, and fostering a vibrant and safe environment for the community, this year’s Juneteenth theme, “Jubilee,” marks a joyous celebration of the emancipation of African Americans. Joined by the African and Caribbean Community, the two-day event promises an immersive experience filled with authentic African, Caribbean, and African American cuisine, art, music, and education. Embrace the cultural tapestry through enlightening educational activities, captivating entertainment, and a shared culinary journey that celebrates the diverse heritage of our communities. This year’s Juneteenth celebration transcends boundaries, creating an atmosphere of excitement and anticipation. As we gather to commemorate emancipation, the 4th Annual Juneteenth Central Oregon is a testament to unity, culture, and community strength. All are invited to join the experience that embraces the spirit of “Jubilee,” and a celebration of our shared history with joy, enthusiasm, and of course, jubilation!

Picture of a man dancing in bright clothing on the Juneteenth Stage at Drake Park in Bend, Oregon

About The Father’s Group:

The Father’s Group was founded by several black fathers who were concerned about the experiences their children were having both in school and in the broader community. They met initially to share thoughts, concerns and advice, yet soon realized they needed to take more concrete action to secure our next generation’s future. While the nonprofit is Black-led, it embraces collaboration and cross-cultural influences, operating not just a group, but also as dedicated individuals who are doing great work in the community in education, business and social services. They offer several programs including Ujima, a free afterschool program with dynamic classes and fieldtrips all conducted through an Afro-Centric lens. They also have the Deshaun Adderley Scholarship program. This is a low barrier scholarship provided to students to help them accomplish their academic goals. The Father’s Group is also developing a forthcoming one-to-one mentorship program titled Empowered. This program will support ages 8-21+ in education, crime prevention, goalsetting, financial literacy and much more. With the support of over 16 different local agencies, Empowered will help guide youth to a fruitful future. To learn more visit

Photo of a black, red and green Juneteenth sign in Drake Park in Bend, Oregon.