After 12 years of successful partnership, Torrey Sharp has bought out partner Charles Brock’s interest in Faceout Studio, located in Bend’s Old Mill District. Sharp and Brock bought the studio from industry icon David Uttley in 2007 after Uttley grew the business from its inception in 1996.

Faceout Studio owner Torrey Sharp

“This transition is about acknowledging there are seasons for everything, embracing change and looking toward the future,” Sharp says.

Faceout Studio stands behind its original vision of producing consistent, innovative book design for clients — a vision Sharp plans to advance in the coming years.

“I’m grateful to have cultivated something special alongside Charles over a decade of working together,” Sharp says. “Charles has been a wonderful business partner, but more importantly, a good friend. The team at Faceout fully expects to keep our deep friendship with Charles, celebrating his next season as well. Growth often requires a willingness to embrace change and I’m very excited for the studio’s next chapter.”

“We have a dynamic team and work with incredible clients,” Sharp continues. “Tim Green will step into the role of creative director. Tim has been a leader at Faceout for 15 years and is well prepared to lead this studio’s creative vision forward.”

Faceout Studio’s principal office will remain in the Old Mill District in Bend. Sharp, along with the existing staff will continue operations from this West Coast location. All client communication and job related trafficking will continue to be serviced through this location.

“I am deeply grateful to Charles, for his friendship and daily example of creative excellence,” Green says. “It has been a privilege to work alongside him these past 14 years (even though he is not a Giants fan). More than that, it has been a lot of fun, and that is a credit to Charles and the creative culture he helped foster. I set out to be a designer because I love it, and I’m still at it for the same reason. That’s the daily motivation of everyone at Faceout. Our best work flows from a sense of delight in the creative work we get to do every day. I’m very excited to step into the role of creative director with this amazing team.”

A market leading book design firm, Faceout Studio designs hundreds of books each year working with the world’s top media companies, mid-size publishers, university presses and individual authors. Over the years their work has been recognized by Communication Arts, the AIGAPrint magazine, Eye magazine, Graphis, CMYK, Graphic Design: USA, ECPA, The Chicago Book Clinic, the New York Book Show, the AUP and the American Advertising Federation. Faceout’s work has also been published in various books, most recently from Rockport, Harper Collins, Springer and Barcelona-based Mao Mao publications. They have been invited to speak at various events hosted by the AIGA, AAUP, the Shanghai Press and Publications Bureau and the Taipei Book Fair Foundation.

“I’m very proud of what Torrey and I have built over the past 12 years,” says Brock, who is branching out on his own with Brock Book Design Co. “We have had the privilege to produce some rewarding work for an amazing list of clients. I’m eager to see what the future brings for Faceout Studio.”