Gordy has taken a liking to spending time down at the Old Mill District. In fact, we can’t get him to fly south, east, west or north for that matter. He is a bit of a stickler on being a Canada Goose and wants everyone to know the finer points of Canadian Lore. Some of his more notable qualities are mating for life, sticking together with his flock for protection and of course proper raising of goslings. He has made several official appearances in Old Mill District radio and TV commercials and is quite happy about having a spokesman role in the “show”. He is currently taking residence in different stores and restaurants around the Old Mill District and is happily available for selfies with goose loving patrons. If you do find yourself inspired to take a pic, please share it with us by tagging your photos @oldmilldistrict on Instagram or Facebook. We’ll be sure to share our favorites with all of you on our social sites.  Give a honk and a smile!030 026