The nation’s most innovative growler design company is partnering with Central Oregon’s largest craft beer festival.

GrowlerWerks, makers of  gorgeous pressurized 124- and 64-ounce growlers, has teamed up with the Bend Brewfest to sponsor the GrowlerWerks Brewtality Tent at this year’s Brewfest, August 16-18.

What’s the GrowlerWerks Brewtality Tent you ask? Well, every brewery participating in the Bend Brewfest will have two distinct beers on tap at Brewfest all three days of the event. Breweries also have the option of participating in our vaunted X-Tap program. Beers that qualify for the X-Tap are low production, specialty and/or experimental flavors. We purchase only a small amount of each X-Tap flavor and schedule to tap that keg when a representative can be present in the GrowlerWerks Brewtality Tent, where the X-Tap is located.

Yes, you can meet the geniuses behind the breweries AND sample their most limited brews in the GrowlerWerks Brewtality Tent.

Just as awesome, GrowlerWerks will be showing off their fabulous uKeg growlers with free beer samples in the Brewtality Tent.

If you’re like us, many of your favorite craft beers aren’t sold in bottles. When you bring home that limited-release barrel-aged stout from your favorite brewpub, chances are it comes home in a glass growler. However, we know glass growlers have their drawbacks: They go flat once they’re opened, they let in air, which spoils your beer, and they don’t travel well.

GrowlerWerks makes growlers that work, specifically their uKeg. It’s easy to use, with an automatic regulator cap that holds CO2 inside, instead of externally, variable carbonation from zero (off) up to 15 psi, and a dispensing tap so beer can be easily served without removing the cap. It also has a liquid sight glass, an ergonomic handle, and it’s easy to clean.

Here’s the science behind the uKeg:

There’s not a better designed growler on the market. With GrowlerWerks’ uKeg, you’ll actually be able to savor every last drop of that special beer you know might not be available again for another year, if ever.