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Traditional Thai Table

May 26, 2023 @ 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

You’re Invited to an Authentic Thai Family Style Dinner.  In Thailand, family is everything. It’s common for grandparents, parents, and grandchildren to live together in the same house. It’s also common for us to all eat together. Because we all have different things we like, if we cook one thing, it’s not likely that everyone is going to enjoy it. That’s why at the Thai dinner table we always have multiple dishes that we share. We want to create a unique dining experience for you where you can experience a Thai family style dinner. Each person will have their own bowl of jasmine rice, and in the middle of the table we will have serving bowls and spoons so you can share and enjoy a variety of Authentic Thai flavors.

Please note: This is not a cooking class.  You will eat dinner as if you are in a traditional Thai home and you are welcome to ask questions.  This is the kick-off for our new Thai monthly cooking classes with Chef Anne.


Fresh Thai Salad Rolls:  Gorgeous bite-sized rice paper rolls packed with fresh colorful veggies and tofu. Paired with creamy garlic dipping sauce – it’s delicious, light and healthy. This will soon become your go-to appetizer.

Tom Kha Hed (Coconut soup with Mix Mushroom):  This popular Thai soup is silky and creamy from coconut milk, yet light and refreshing from the classic Thai herbs: fresh lemongrass, galangal, kaffir lime leaves, and lime juice. Use your favorite mushrooms to make this dish even more unique

Goong Tod Sauce Ma Kham (Fried Shrimp with Tamarin Sauce):  If you are a sweet and sour fan, you’re going to love these. The combination of sugar, fish sauce and tamarind puree gives the perfect balance of sweet, salty and sour that Thai cuisine strives for. Imagine deep-fried shrimp topped with tamarind sauce and garnished with crispy shallots and noodles.

Pad Pak Si Sa Hai (Four Seasons Mixed Vegetable with Oysters Sauce):  Mix Vegetables and mushrooms are blanched until tender yet crisp, then drizzled with an aromatic oyster sauce that’s sweet and savory. Garnished with plenty of crispy fried garlic, this fragrant dish is going to light up your taste buds.

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