March Love Letter

Love Letters with Heart From the Old Mill District

It’s Love Letter Week! We’ll Be Sharing a New Love Letter Every Month. Plus, Enter to Win Old Mill District Gift Cards and other prizes! Read the latest love letter below and enter to win!

What do you LOVE about Bend?

For us, it’s all about connections. That acknowledgement from one person to another that we’re part of a pretty special place. The trail recommendation you get from a stranger at Strictly Organic who hears you’re in town for a mountain bike trip. The banter you have with your favorite Greg’s bartender whenever you bust out your go-to Ween T-shirt. Or the conversations that inevitably happen on a ride up Pine Martin.

We’re celebrating the connections that tie us all together with a series of Love Letters. They’re fun, they’re original, and they’re from the most unexpected sources. On the 11th of every month we’ll release a new letter and a new contest. It’s a monthly reminder of what inspires us, what fills our hearts with joy, what puts smiles on our faces.

With that in mind, enjoy our first Love Letter from an old friend that’s aged with incredible grace and style. We’d love to hear what moves you in our community, what makes Bend your happy place. And maybe, just maybe, you’ll receive a little literary love from those Ocean Rolls you adore so much, or those spectacular sunrises at Sparks Lake, or even that perfect riverside patio.

Read the Latest Love Letter & Enter to Win


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