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Ginger’s Kitchenware – OPEN

Address: 375 SW Powerhouse Drive, Suite 120
Bend, OR 97702

Mon-Sat 10am-6pm l Sun 12pm-5pm

Photo Gallery of Ginger’s Kitchenware in Bend

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Ginger’s Kitchenware is the kind of place cooks at all levels love. Independently owned and operated, Ginger’s carries a broad selection of kitchenware, cocktail accessories and top of the line coffee and espresso items.

Owners Ginger and Jaime Aguirre recently added premium Olivelle olive oil and vinegars, available on tap, to its store offerings. Food aficionados can now sample and purchase 24 different oils and vinegars. Ginger’s sells everything from classic unadorned styles such as extra virgin olive oil and barrel-aged balsamic to fun and innovative infused flavors like Sicilian lemon, strawberry, black truffle, caramelized garlic, summer peach, fig, basil, and blood orange.

“There’s something special about coming in, seeing the bulk canisters of oils and vinegars all lined up on the shelves, taking some time to taste the incredible variety of flavors, picking out a bottle, and filling it with just what you want,” Jaime Aguirre says. “That alone is a treat, and then going home and cooking with it is pretty fun, too.”

Ginger’s also boasts one of Bend’s best selection of Oregon, Washington and French wines.