Cycle Pub in Bend, Oregon

Bend residents love beer and bicycles!  The combination of these two pastimes is a multi-person bike riding and beer friendly Cycle Pub presented by the Old Mill District.  Look for Cycle Pub in the Old Mill District, special events and around town making stops at local breweries. This 16-person cycle will get you around to all the hot spots in Bend, simply through the pedaling power of the riders.

The Cycle Pub can be booked for 2-3 hour pre-set tours, special events or private parties.  Cycle Pub fits up to 16 people and riders can bring their own beer, wine, coffee or snacks aboard to fuel the crew.  Tours can be customized to accommodate families and non-beer drinkers (gasp!) as well.  Visit Cycle Pub for more information.

The Cycle Pub includes a rocking sound system that plays featured tunes to fit the mood, visitors’ own iPod playlists, or live acoustic musicians. In addition, there’s a twin-tap beer tower, beautifully finished wooden bar, convertible top, built-in ice chest and water tank, plus some great lighting.